Presentation Schedule




Parallel Session 1

November 1, 2012, 0930 - 1030



Session 1A – Religion, Culture and Communication

Moderator:  Dr. Haryati Abdul Karim


  1. Religious Identity, Media and Young People : A Study of Young Malaysian Muslims’ Consumption of Religious-Content Media

Dr. Haryati Abdul Karim


  1. Creating a Good Teachers-Students Communication through Personality Understanding

Dr. Noer Doddy Irmawati & Vitria Pawitrasari Bob


  1. The Model of Servant Leadership: Materializing Contextual Culture in Organization and Team Effectiveness

Dr. Hassan Abu Bakar




Session 1B – Business Communication

Moderator:  Haslina Halim


  1. The Role of Media Richness on CSR Web Disclosure in Fast-Food Restaurants

                Rafeah Mat Saat & Mohamad Hisyam Selamat


  1. Social Construction of Destination Brand Image: A New Dimension in the New Millenia
     M. Burhan Bungin, Nuraini Yusoff & Nur Rasyidah Mohd Nordin


  1. Expatriation in Malaysia: Predictors of Cross-Cultural Adjustment Among Hotel Expatriates

              Haslina Halim, Che Su Mustaffa & Hassan Abu Bakar




Session 1C – Creativity, Innovation and Users

Moderator:  Annie Dayani Ahad Abdullah


  1. Mobile Phones and Their Implications For Teenagers in Brunei Darussalam: A Non-Western Context

               Annie Dayani Ahad Abdullah


  1. Factors Affecting University Students Tendency Toward Satellite Channels

               Ali Akbar Farhangi & Mehrdad Matani


 3.   Use of Internet for Agricultural Extension: The Nigerian Experience

Abdul-Aziz Haruna, Dr E.I Ikani & Kabiru Danladi


Session 1D – New Media and Culture

Moderator:  Dr. Bhavna Bhalla


  1. Understanding Communication through Indian Knowledge Tradition

             Dr. Bhavna Bhalla


  1. Representations of Sexuality in Taiwanese Youth Cinema

             Wang Chang Song and Rohani Hashim


  1. Is South Korea the Plastic Surgery Kingdom?

               Mi Ri Moon






Parallel Session 2

November 1, 2012, 1045 – 1145


Session 2A – Culture and Communication

Moderator:  Syamsul Zahri Subir


  1. Globalized Media and Impact of Television Drama Reception:  Revisiting Global Exposure and Content-Specific from Audience Reception Perspective

            Che Su Mustaffa & Ilias Md. Salleh


  1. Representation of Queer Identities in Malaysian News Media: A Preliminary Study

             Syamsul Zahri Subir


  1. The Characteristic of Woman Writing in Indonesian  Literary Work after the Reformation Era

Wajiran, S.S.




Session 2B - Strategic Organisational Communication

Moderator:  Jamilah Jamal


  1. Crisis Responsibility and Perceived Organization Reputation: Examining the Mediating Effects of Charismatic Leadership Communication

             Jamilah Jamal & Dr. Hassan Abu Bakar


  1. Culturally Competent Communication in Malaysia Medical Tourism

Pavithra Aridass,Mohd Khairie Ahmad &Hassan Abu Bakar


  1. The Contents of Award Winning Annual Reports Over Time

Mohammad Azhar Ibrahim, Mike Jones & Mohd Hadzrami Harun Rasit




Parallel Session 3

November 2, 2012, 0900 – 1020


Session 3A - New Media and Culture

Moderator:  Dr. Swagata Sinha Roy


  1. From Morning Coffee (Qahwat Assabah) to Dr Phil: Focus Group Study Of Media Consumption And Preferences Among College Students in Nizwa

             Noor Badarudin, Ogadimma, C. Emenyeonu & Abdullah Al-Riyami


  1. The State of the Estet: Communication in an Intercultural Cinematic Text

               Dr. Swagata Sinha Roy, Kavitha Subaramaniam & Saraswathy Thurairaj


  1. Frequency and Perception of Adolescents Towards Facebook

             Mohd Zuwairi Mat Saad, Noor Izzati Muhamad Nasir & Mohd Hasren Yusuf

  1. An Empirical Study of the Trend and Pattern of Video Film Piracy in Nigeria

              Adeyemi A. Ridwan




Session 3B – Political Economy of Media and Change

Moderator:  Dr. Timothy Walters


  1. A Comparative Study of Pakistani & British Newspapers’ Editorials on the Coverage of ‘War Against Terrorism’: A Framing Perspective

             Aasima Safdar, Dr. Adrian M. Budiman & Dr. Norsiah Abdul Hamid


  1. Indrani Kopal: A Case Study of Video Journalism as Women Leadership

              Roslina Abdul Latif & Badrul Redzuan Abu Hassan


  1. Structure and Agency, Power and Democracy: Public Sector Communications Leadership In The Australian Government

               Barbara Walsh


  1. Planting Peace: The Rhetorical Situation of Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement

              Shahreen Binti Mat Nayan



Session 3C – Communication for Organisational Change/ Communication for Social Change (Malay Language Session)

Moderator:Dr. Hashim Fauzy Yaacob


  1. Hubungan Pihak  Atasan dan Subordinat Dalam Sektor Kejuruteraan

               Hashim Fauzy Yaacob


  1. Kepuasan Komunikasi Selaku Moderator Dalam Hubungan Di Antara Komunikasi Pegawai-Subordinat Dengan Kualiti Hubungan dan Tekanan Kerja

              Kamsiah Kamin & Prof. Che Su Mustaffa


  1. Faktor-Faktor Penglibatan Masyarakat Dalam Program Pembangunan Komuniti di Luar Bandar: Analisis Kualitatif Dari Perspektif Komunikasi Pembangunan Berpenglibatan

              Mohd Baharudin Othman


  1. Internet, Kanak-kanak, dan Keluarga

              Wan Anita Wan Abas & Mazveen SyedSarbudeen


  1. Faktor-Faktor Yang Membentuk Persepsi Peminat Terhadap Populariti Selebriti Hiburan Di Malaysia
    Mohd Sobhi Ishak




Session 3D – Communication For Organisational Change

Moderator:  Dr. Aini Maznina A.Manaf


  1. Trust in Virtual Teams: Focus Group Interviews in Multimedia Super Corridor Status Companies

               Norizah Aripin, Dr. Hasrina Mustafa &  Prof. Adnan Hussein


  1. The Relationships Between Communication Satisfaction and Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in a Chinese Primary School, Johor, Malaysia

                Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulhamri Abdullah & Jong Hui


  1. Ethnic Diversity in Malaysian Workgroups: Individual Members’ Experiences and Perceptions

              Dr. Aini Maznina A.Manaf


4. Intercultural Interaction Experiences in A Tertiary Level Institution: Challenges     

    And Prospects For Intercultural Communication Competence

                  Dr. Hariharan a/l N. Krishnasamy, Syarizan Dalib & Mohd Hafidz Hussein





Parallel Session 4

November 2, 2012, 1040 – 1200


Session 4A – Media Industry Trends and Dynamic

Moderator:  Sung Wook Kim


  1. A Study on Correlation between Innovation Diffusion Model and Market Development Strategy: Taking Taiwan’s Digital Reading Industry for Example

Lon-FonShieh, Yu-Fan Lin, Fang-Mei Liu, Hung-Jui Wang, Yu-Wei Tsai, & Ling-Chen Shih


  1. The Impact Of The Privatization of a State-Owned Telecommunications Carrier on Universal Service in Korea

               Sung Wook Kim & Chris Kim


  1. Making The Case For Data Journalism – Challenges For An Ongoing Evolution

              Helge Hüttenrauch, Ester Appelgren & Gunnar Nygren


  1. Authentic Speakership in Radio Talks

Siti Nurbaya Mohd Nor


Session 4B – Media and Development


  1. Responding to the Western Satellite TV’s Image of Islam and Muslims: Theory & Research-based Policy Challenges

Dr. Osman Gazzaz, Fazal Rahim Khan & Mohammad Zafar Iqbal


  1. Political Cartoonists versus Readers: Role of Political Cartoonists in Building Public Opinion and Readers' Expectations Towards Print Media Cartoons in Pakistan

              Ayesha Ashfaq & Prof. Adnan Hussein


  1. Beyond Facebook: The Undocumented Experiences on ICTs of Young Rural Filipinos

              Jaime A Manalo IV & Elske van de Fliert


  1. Building awareness on the Importance of Environmental Save Keeping

               Nor Hayati Mohd Jalil



Session 4C – Political Economy of Media and Change

Moderator:Dr. Peter Simmons


  1. Political Public Relations in The Indonesia Parliamentary Election 2009

               Evie Ariadne Shinta Dewi


  1. Politics, Promotion And Pavements:  Professional Communication in Australian Local Government

              Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Simmons & Dr Felicity Small


  1. Narrative in Pakistan’s Independent Press and Its Impact on Policy Decisions: A Case Study of the Lawyers Movement

             Amrat Haq


  1. Smoodging in Organization: Play (fullness) at Work

               Che Mahzan Ahmad



Session 4D – Religion, Culture and Communication

Moderator:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saodah Wok


  1. Why this Kolaveri Di?: How Malaysian Non-Indians in the Klang Valley perceive the meme 

              Swagata Sinha Roy, Kavitha Subaramaniam & Saraswathy Thurairaj


  1. Extended Hierarchy-of-Effect Model and its Application on Islamic Reality Shows towards Malay Community in Malaysia

     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saodah Wok, Dr. Rizalawati Ismail, Zakirah Azman & Siti Sakinah Latif



  1. The influences of Islamic Blogs in Educating Islamic Values Among Students

Dzaa Imma bt Abd Latiff, Noor Ashmalia bt Mohd Asyraff, Siti Nur Farrah Faadiah bt Ab Ghani & Mastura bt Mansur


  1. Understanding the Role and the Impact of Religion and Religious Practices in Long-term Marriages in Malaysia

Hasrina Mustafa, Marshina Juliza Mohd Hasim, Norizah Aripin & Hamidah Abdul Hamid




Parallel Session 5

November 2, 2012, 1430 – 1550

 Session 5A – Creativity, Innovation and Users



  1. Augmented Reality in Visual Communication: Innovation in Conservation of Historical Buildings

             Ulka Chandini Pendit, Norshuhada Shiratuddin & Syamsul Bahrin Zaibon


  1. SMS as a Rural Disaster Notification System in Malaysia: A Aeasibility Study

Akanmu Semiu Ayobami &

  1. Comparison of Selected Software Systems for Creation and Management of an Open Access Journal

           Gamgarn Somprasertsri, Ruethai Nimnoi, Laksana Thaotip & Natita Waiyahong


4.   Effects of Accessible Format in Short Television Advertisement on Hearing & Hearing Impaired Persons

                 Dr. Mathew Martin Poothullil John




Session 5B – Communication for Organisational Change

Moderator:Dr. Hassan Abu Bakar


  1. Socialization and Identity

Norhafezah Yusof, Tengku Faekah Tengku Ariffin & Rosna Awang Hashim


  1. The Role of Communication in Acculturation Process Within an Organization

Sabrina Mohd Rashid, Kamal Ghose & David A. Cohen


  1. The Role of Language in Influencing Student Apprehension: Investigating the Phenomenon in Malaysian Public Universities

Haslina Halim & Syarizan Dalib


  1. Sources of Stress Among College Students

Juvilyn G. Bulo & Dr. Marita G. Sanchez





Session 5C – Culture and Communication

Moderator:Dr. Yasraf Amir Piliang


  1. Humanity Ethics in Visual Discourse of Television News Program

               Dr. Yasraf Amir Piliang & Winny Gunarti


  1. Ombak Rindu: Analysis on Youth Resonance of Gender Stereotyping through Film Narrative

               Nurzihan Hassim, Sheila Yvonne, Jayasainan & Nur Leila Khalid


  1. Understanding Non-Verbal Communication across Cultures: A Symbolic Interactionism Approach

Raji Ridwan Adetunji & Koh Phei Sze


  1. Semiotic Explorations: Representation of Woman on Comedy Cinema in Indonesia

              Yasraf Amir Piliang & Lala PalupiSantyaputri




Session 5D – Communication for Social Change/ Health Communication

Moderator:  Dr. Anne-Marie Gagne


  1. Penang’s Environmental NGOs: Approaching Sustainability Through Communication and Participatory Approach

Laleh Etminan Basseri, Norizan Md. Nor, Govindran Jegatesen & Hamoon Khelghat-Doost


  1. Creativity and Media Literacy in the Information Society Case Study: University of North Khorasan

Mahnaz Amirpour & mahnaz Shojaee


  1. The Relationship of Trust in Public Relations: Toward a Model of Optimal Contextual Matching

Dr. Anne-Marie Gagne


  1. Effectiveness of Pink Ribbon Campaign (A Campaign Raising Awareness on Breast Cancer in Pakistan)

              Sahifa Mukhtar



Parallel Session 6

November 2, 2012, 1610 – 1730


Session 6A - Creativity, Innovation and Users

Moderator:Dr. Timothy Walters


  1. E-Counseling Using the Computer Mediated Communication

              Dr. Marita Garcia Sanchez


  1. Bloggers: A Motivational Behavior Participating in Blog

Siti Nasarah binti Ismail, Noorazura binti Durani, Siti Nur Farrah Faadiah binti AB. Ghani & Shahril Anuar binti Abdul Ghalim


  1. Communication Strategies in an Industrial Organization: A Proposal For Internal Communications Strategy For The Shift Workers

Dr. Vanessa Marcié


  1. A Multiple Stakeholder Perspective of the Television Advertising Production Process in Malaysia

Dr. Aida Mokhtar



Session 6B - Health Communication/ Media and Development

Moderator:Nik Adzrieman Abdul Rahman


  1. Health Communication Research in Malaysia: An Exploratory Analysis

               Mohd Khairie Ahmad & Che Su Mustaffa

  1. The Accessibility of Selected Websites in Delivering H1N1 Related Information and Advices

Samira Seifi

  1. Media and Public Fear of Crime Among Malaysian

       Tamil Chellvan, Charissa Chan & Lai Yee Mun


  1. Newspapers as a Source of Health Related Information

Sushil Kumar Sharma



Session 6C – Media and Development

Moderator:Dr. Nerawi Sedu


  1. Social Media in Malaysia and Polarisation

               Sandra Hanchard

  1. Media’s Role for Empowering People in Pakistan

            Ayesha Sadaf

  1. Portrayals of Islam and Muslims in The Australian: Enhancing Understanding or Misunderstanding

               Dr. Nerawi Sedu


  1. The effect of the financial crises on European banks narrative communication

Kristina Jonäll, Michael John Jones & Gunnar Rimmel


Session 6D – Connectivity, Inclusion and Media Literacy

Moderator:Dr. Selami Özsoy


  1. Television Viewing and Schoolgirls of Multan: A Uses and Gratifications Approach

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Khan

  1. Use of Twitter by Club Fans

Dr. Selami Özsoy


  1. Internet Usage Pattern Among School Adolesents

              Lourdu Vesna & Dr.D. Nivedhitha


         4.  Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Of Facebook Advertising from the Malaysian Consumers Approach

               Jamali Samsuddin & Dr. Hamisah Hasan


          5.   Of Cantek and Terbaek: Rhetoric of Youth in Malay Chick Lit

      Sharifah Fazliyaton Shaik Ismail & Rohizah Halim



Parallel Session 7

November 3, 2012, 0930 – 1050


Session 7A - Bussiness Communication / Communication Management

Moderator:Haslina Halim


         1.  Challenges In The Process Of Collecting Observational Data Among Women Direct Sellers

Nuredayu Omar


  1. Enhancing Cross-cultural Adjustment: Managing Anxiety and Uncertainty through Cultural Intelligence During Expatriations

Dr. Marlin Marissa Malek


  1. Conceptualizing Intercultural Communication Competence

Syarizan Dalib & Haslina Halim


  1. Understanding Hermeneutics in Understanding Communication

Fauzi Naeim Mohamed


  1. Correlation Study bewteen Ethical Knowledge and Factors for Assessing Communication Performance of Facilities Management in High Rise Commercial Building

               Mohamad Ridzuan Yahya & Md Najib Ibrahim



Session 7B –Culture, Media and Communication (Malay Language Session)

Moderator:  Dr. Lee Kuok Tiung


  1. Wanita Dalam Dunia Kewartawanan: Profesion, Prospek dan Masa Depan dalam Konteks Industri Persuratkhabaran di Sabah

              Dr. Lee Kuok Tiung & Kalaiarasi a/p Thevakumar


  1. Liputan Media Mengenai Konflik Agama di Malaysia: Analisis Kajian Perbandingan Media – Satu Kajian Awal Pembingkaian Akhbar The Star dan Utusan Malaysia Mengenai Cubaan Memurtadkan Umat Islam di DUMC

               Muhammad Raqib Bin Mohd Sofian & Prof. Adnan Hussein


  1. Pengaruh Gijinihonbunka di dalam Animasi Jepun Terhadap Perkembangan Sahsiah di Malaysia

               Zeety Kartini Abdul Hamid


  1. Keberkesanan Penyebaran Maklumat Mengenai Pemeriksaan Awal Untuk Pengesanan Awal Barah Payudara: Satu Kajian Awal Menurut Pandangan Anggota-anggota Kesihatan Yang Bertugas Di Klinik-klinik Kesihatan Di Kawasan Semi-Urban dan Pedalaman Sarawak

               Mohamad Zaidan Bin Zulkepli, Dr. Hasrina Mustafa & Assoc. Prof. Khor Yoke Lim


         5.    Peramal Perilaku Komunikasi Dalam Kalangan Petani Wanita Agribisnis Di Pedesaan Provinsi Sumatera Selatan

   Fauziah Asyiek & Che Su Mustaffa





Session 7C – Creativity, Innovation and Users

Moderator: Dr. Noer Doddy Irmawati


  1. Mixing Theories, Methods and Approaches Used in Teaching Strategic Communication Can Improve the Success of Student’s Learning (CAR in Communication Department SMMTC UUM)

Dr. Noer Doddy Irmawati


  1. Communicating Gesture in Puppet Animated Films

Nurul Lina Mohd Nor & Fauzi Naeim Mohamed


  1. Politeness Strategies in Email Communication

Mohammad Awad Al-Afnan & Minah Harun


  1. Media and behavior change: Public Health Campaign in Pakistan

              Mian Ahmad Hanan


  1. Student's ability to determine lower-order and higher-order of thinking questions; A descriptive study

Mohammad Shah Kamarulzaman, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Jelani Shaari, Noor Aida Mahmor

& Nor Hissam Sulaiman